Monthly Archives: August 2014

“Help! I’ve Lost a Filling!”

Losing a filling can be a scary thing. But most times, it’s not a dental emergency and it can be a fairly easy fix. At our Woodbury dental office, we’d like to talk you through what to do if you lose a filling, what you can do at home, and how to try to avoid… Read more »

Top Reasons We Avoid The Dentist

Visiting the dentist is never at the top of anyone’s fun list; and we don’t take it personally. There are some top reasons people avoid going to the dentist, but no matter why you may have stayed away from our dental office in Woodbury, we’re happy to reassure you that you’re coming to the right… Read more »

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

We always try to spend time at each and every appointment educating patients on key points to learn, know, and remember. While every part of your oral health routine is important, there are a few “favorite things” that take precedence and we want every patient at our Woodbury dental office to know. Bleeding is NEVER… Read more »