3 Reasons to See Your Dentist Regularly

You probably already know that it is essential to see your dentist and hygienist once or twice a year. But have you ever thought about why? Certainly, having your teeth professionally cleaned can help you look and feel your best. Beyond that, though, seeing your dentist regularly can have a long-term impact on your oral health. Here are three reasons why you should see your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis.

Dentist explaining x-ray to patient

1. Prevention

While your daily oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing are absolutely essential to your dental health, they are not enough on their own. Professional cleanings by a hygienist play a vital role in removing tough plaque and tartar from your teeth. Deep cleaning and scaling are more expensive and more invasive, but are often necessary for those who have been putting off their regular dental visits.

In addition, your dentist will carefully check your teeth for emerging problems that could worsen over time. From filling tiny cavities to protecting your teeth with a dental sealant, your dentist has numerous ways to prevent such major issues as root canals and even tooth loss. If you avoid seeing your dentist regularly, you are gambling with the possibility of needing extensive work later on.

2. Early Detection

Oral cancer and gum disease should be caught and treated early, before they have the opportunity to worsen. Oral cancer can actually be deadly if it remains untreated, and late stage gum disease can not only cause you to lose your teeth, but also puts you at higher risk for a heart attack or stroke. When treated early, though, neither of these conditions is anything to fear. Your dentist will carefully assess your mouth in search of suspicious spots or changes, and prescribe a treatment plan for anything that is found.

3. Previous Work Assessment

If you have had previous dental work done, such as fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures, or veneers, your dentist will closely assess them for any signs of damage. Many of these items do eventually wear down over time, and it is important to fix them as soon as possible. At each regular appointment, your dentist will let you know if there are any developing issues with your existing dental work.

Other benefits of regular dental visits include the ability to discuss options for cosmetic treatment to improve your smile, as well as the opportunity to ask questions about everything from different toothpastes to the effectiveness of new fads. But the three reasons provided above form the cornerstone of excellent dental health for years to come. Although it can seem inconvenient to schedule a dentist appointment when you have no discernable issues, the benefits are well worth the temporary inconvenience.

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