5 Signs Your Teen is Ready for Invisalign

It is common for teens to ask about Invisalign as an alternative to traditional metal braces when their dentist suggests braces. Teens generally don’t like the look of metal braces and fear that they will get teased by having them. Invisalign can be an excellent solution for many teenagers who need braces. However, not all teens are candidates for Invisalign treatment. Here are five signs that your teen is ready for Invisalign.

Invisalign Braces at Creekview Dental in Woodbury, MN.

1. Has Enough Free Time

Getting started with Invisalign takes a few appointments but after that your teen only needs to return to our office every 4 – 8 weeks. We will give your teen multiple sets of Invisalign aligners so that they can change them on their own approximately every week. If your teen has many extracurricular activities that would prevent them from being able to go to regular appointments, it might be difficult for them to undergo Invisalign treatment. However they would have the same challenges with metal braces at an orthodontist office. The average Invisalign case takes 9 – 12 months so you can’t simply schedule Invisalign treatment only for the summer.

2. Permanent Teeth

One challenge of teen orthodontics is the emergence of permanent teeth. If your young teen still has some of her baby teeth, there is a good chance that we will want to wait until all of your teen’s permanent teeth come in. Depending on your teen’s specific case and the severity of the misalignment, we could recommend proceeding with treatment even if there is still one or two teeth that need to come in.

3. Responsible

Teens need to be responsible enough to participate in Invisalign treatment. They will need to wear their aligners 20 to 22 hours a day and not lose track of aligners. They also need to have a high level of commitment to dental hygiene. Over the course of Invisalign treatment, they will need to take extra special care of their dental health. This includes brushing their teeth after eating and drinking anything besides water, before they put the Invisalign aligners back in.

4. Self-Conscious

While Invisalign is an extremely popular treatment that has many benefits, many people become interested in Invisalign because of the clear aligners that are difficult to see. There won’t be a set of shiny metal braces in school photos or in class every day. This makes Invisalign a top choice for teens that are self-conscious about their appearance and who fear that they might be bullied or otherwise uncomfortable with traditional braces.

Committed to Straight Teeth

If your teen is committed to having straighter teeth, they’re much more likely to have success with Invisalign. They will be more likely to remember to wear their aligners and to prioritize going to appointments without a fuss. As long as your teen is committed to the process and Dr Haag agrees they are an Invisalign candidate, there is no reason to think that they won’t be able to choose Invisalign over metal braces.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign cost is determined by how long the treatment will take. In many cases, Invisalign treatment at our office costs less than metal braces at an Orthodontist. If you have Orthodontic coverage on your dental insurance plan, it will help with the cost to the same extent it would help for metal braces. No matter the final cost, Invisalign treatment is an investment in your teen’s long-term dental health and appearance. Oftentimes straightening your teen’s teeth now can avoid periodontal and other dental issues in the future. It is important that your teen is ready to make the most of it.

Invisalign is a very popular option for teens and adults alike. For many teens who are mature enough to follow the required wear times and to maintain optimal oral hygiene, Invisalign can be one of the best decisions available. Be sure to check with us to see if it is a good fit for your teen.

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