6 Questions to Ask Your Dentist During Your First Visit

6 questions to ask on your first dental visit at Creekview Dental in Woodbury, MN.
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When you schedule an appointment with a new dentist, you want to make sure that the dentist will be a good fit for your family. While you can get some information about a dental practice from its website, there are some questions that you’ll want to discuss with your dentist in person. Here are some questions to ask your dentist during your first visit.

What pain management options are available?

For more complex dental procedures, there are different pain management options available. This includes nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”, sedation dentistry, and topical anesthetics. It is a good idea to check with your new dentist to see what kind of pain management options they offer and to see if it matches what you’re comfortable with. If you really want sedation dentistry, it is important to ensure that the dentist you choose offers it. Dr Haag is certified for Sedation Dentistry and has been treating patients with sedation for over 15 years.

What’s the policy for missed or canceled appointments?

It is worth clarifying the policy for missed or canceled dental appointments. Will there be a fee charged if an appointment isn’t canceled within 24 or 48 hours? Is the policy different for a teeth cleaning appointment with a dental hygienist versus a procedure schedule with the dentist? It is important to ask questions to better understand the policy to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Is emergency dental care available?

Dental emergencies happen. Does your dentist offer emergency services? Do they have later hours certain days of the week? If not, is the dentist available for emergencies or is there an emergency dentist that they work with and recommend? You never know when you’ll need to seek out emergency dental care. It is a smart idea to know your options in advance.

Who is responsible for filing insurance claims?

When you check in with the front desk for your dental appointment, be sure to ask who is responsible for filing insurance claims, if you have dental insurance. At Creekview Dental, we will file the insurance claim on your behalf. Other dental offices will provide you with the paperwork so that you can take care of it on your own. You don’t want to miss out on reimbursement for an insurance claim due to a misunderstanding.

Can I be screened for oral cancer?

Dentists can often be the first health providers to detect oral cancers. While your dentist likely checks for oral cancers during routine dental exams, it is always a good idea to doublecheck. At Creekview Dental, Dr Haag uses VELscope technology to effectively diagnose any abnormalities. You can also ask about any other health concerns you may have.

What steps should I take to ensure proper oral health?

You can ask your dentist what steps you should take to ensure proper oral health. This includes how often you should schedule a dental exam and if you should be using fluoridated toothpaste. Guidelines change over time and by your age, so it is worth asking for their recommendation.

Ready to Make Your Appointment?

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