For many years, metal amalgam fillings were standard. Today, though, many people are choosing to have their metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored composite fillings. Metal fillings are NOT a health hazard, despite recent hype, but tooth-colored fillings have several advantages:

Better Aesthetics: Tooth-colored composite fillings blend with the natural tooth, creating a more aesthetic solution, especially for front teeth.

Less Cracking: Composite fillings bond strongly to the tooth, while metal fillings often leave a tiny gap. The tighter bonds of composite fillings mean that they do not transfer bite forces from the filling to the tooth, making it less likely for the tooth to crack.

Lower Risk for Decay: The tight bond of a composite filling prevents decay from occurring underneath it, as can happen with metal fillings.

Better X-rays: Unlike metal fillings, which can block dental X-rays, tooth-colored composite fillings allow X-rays to penetrate. This means that your dentist can find and treat any emerging tooth decay quickly.

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