There are many great dentists in the world, but not every dentist is right for every patient. To find the one that is best for you, pay attention to these basic factors:

Education and Training: Is the dentist an expert in the things that are important to you, such as oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, or dental implants? No one is an expert in everything, but you should feel comfortable with your dentist’s skills in the areas you are most likely to face.

Overall Approach: Are you interested in collaborating on your own care, or would you prefer for the dentist to make the decisions? Do you want cutting-edge treatments, or more conservative care? There is no right or wrong approach, but you and your dentist should see eye to eye.

Practicalities: Is the office conveniently located? Do the hours fit with your schedule? Does the dentist work with your insurance? Does the cancellation policy work for you? How are complex cases handled? Can the dentist do all of the treatment you may need or will you be referred out for many procedures? Can you bring a friend or relative into the treatment room if desired? Think through your ideal visit, and see if the overall practice meshes well with your desires.

Overall Appearance and Feel: Stop by a few dentists’ offices to say hello. Does the waiting room feel inviting? Is cleanliness a clear priority? Does the staff make you feel welcome?

Personal Connection: Once you have chosen your favorite dentist, make an appointment. Think of this as the final interview, and get to know both the dentist and the staff. At the end of that appointment, assess whether you feel a personal connection. If so, great! You found your new dentist. If not, move on. Your dentist is someone with whom you are building a lasting relationship, so that personal connection is vital.

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