Dental insurance comes in three basic types, as well as one non-insurance choice. Which you should choose depends on many factors, including your current dental health and even how often you travel.

Dental HMO: Although Creekview Dental does not participate in dental HMOs, they are a common option. A dental HMO is often the least pricey choice, but it is extremely restrictive. You must choose a primary dentist from the network, and get a referral for any specialist care (also in-network). Some dental HMOs cover emergency care out of network, while others do not. If you need extensive work, travel outside your network area, or prefer to choose your own dentist, a dental HMO is not the best choice for you.

Dental PPO: A dental PPO (preferred provider organization) is a mid-range option that fits how many people use dental care. When you choose in-network providers, your costs are lower, but the PPO will provide reduced coverage for out of network care. You can choose a primary dentist who is in the network, while retaining the ability to see any provider of your choice when traveling or for specialized care. Creekview Dental is in-network for some dental PPOs.

Dental Indemnity: If your preferred dentist is not in network, you travel frequently, or you need extensive dental work, you might select a dental indemnity plan. Although this is the most expensive option, it allows you to see any dentist or specialist who agrees to accept your coverage. Many plans are limited to the United States, but several cover border towns in Canada and/or Mexico.

Dental Discount Plan: A dental discount plan is not insurance, but if your dentist accepts it, this type of plan can save you money. You will receive dental care at negotiated discount prices, and you may be able to combine a discount plan with your dental insurance. Creekview Dental does not work with any discount plans.

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