Although fear of the dentist is unfortunately common, dental phobia takes it to the next level, leading to a strong avoidance that can result in postponing even simple dental visits. Yet because untreated dental problems tend to worsen over time, postponement can turn a minor issue into something complicated to treat.

While mental health counseling may be required for the most severe cases, people with less severe dental phobias may find relief through these strategies:

Talk to the staff: Most dentists today are highly aware of dental phobia, and will compassionately work with you to ease your fears. Many offices provide soothing music, movies, and even warm blankets for their fearful patients. Talk to the staff when you make your appointment to see what is available.

Talk to the dentist: It is a simple matter to modify your treatment procedures to avoid your triggers. For example, some people feel more comfortable with the chair tilted slightly up. Some like to establish hand signals to tell the dentist that they need a moment. Some prefer to have extensive work done all at the same time, while others would rather break it up. Let your dentist know what triggers your fears, and you can work together to address those triggers.

Ask for sedation: From mild inhaled nitrous oxide to oral medications, sedation can help you overcome your dental phobia. Ask your dentist what is right for you, and remember to bring someone to drive you home if you choose oral or IV sedation.

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