There are only 20 baby teeth, but 32 permanent teeth. Because of this, the jaw will gradually lengthen to make room for the additional teeth. Permanent premolars actually come in behind the primary molars, while permanent molars come in to empty space. Every tooth forms beneath the gum tissue and then erupts through the tissue, and the crown forms before the roots.

Kids begin to lose their baby teeth at around 6 years of age, and continue until they are 12 or 13. During this time of “mixed dentition,” they will have a combination of baby teeth and permanent teeth. The last teeth to come in are the wisdom teeth, which generally erupt in the late teen years, long after the baby teeth are gone. These teeth are the most likely to have problems, and are the least necessary teeth in the mouth, so they are often removed. Some wisdom teeth never erupt and never cause problems.

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