Fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste is a hotly debated topic, but there is no doubt that it hardens tooth enamel. While this can cut down on the number of cavities that most people develop, it also makes cavities tough to detect until they are big enough to be obvious to the naked eye. At this point, a large filling is required, which can further weaken the tooth structure and set off a cycle of problems with the tooth.

Historically, dentists have used picks and X-rays to detect cavities in their earlier stages. While this works fairly well, it is not foolproof. Fortunately, laser dentistry now offers a better solution. An estimated 90 percent of very early-stage cavities can be detected with lasers, compared to just over half of those cavities being detected by traditional means.

Laser cavity detection relies on the fact that light passes more easily through healthy tooth structure. A light wand is used to beam laser light onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth, while the cavity detection machine calculates the probability of tooth decay in any given spot. The dentist will interpret the results and work with you to select the best course of treatment for any troublesome areas. Possible solutions include watchful waiting, topical fluoride, dental sealant, or a traditional filling.

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