5 Tips for Finding a New Dentist You Love

happy patient with dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist? Whether you’re new to the area or just in need of a change, there are some excellent dentists to choose from. But if you want to find a new dentist you truly love to take care of your teeth, there are certain qualities you should look for. Consider these 5 tips on how to find a good dentist in your area.

How To Find a Good Dentist

Finding a new dentist should involve a little more than just getting online and searching “how to find a good dentist near me.” A long list of dentists will pop up and you’ll be instantly overwhelmed by the numerous choices. Narrow down your list of possibilities by looking for these items. 

1. Ask a Friend

Despite technology and the presence of social media, word of mouth is still the best method of advertising. People are more willing to trust the opinion of a friend or someone they know well when it comes to choosing a dental practice. Ask a friend, a coworker, or a neighbor for a recommendation. If they already have a dentist they love, you are likely to have a similar experience. Ask them what type of care they have received and what specific procedures they have had done. If you know you need advanced dental work, you may want to ask someone who has had the same or a similar procedure. The more information you can find out from an actual patient of the dentist you’re considering, the better.

2. Look for Patient-Centered Care

One of the most important qualities of a good dentist is patient-centered care. This essentially means that the dental practice focuses on the patient first, before all other considerations. This is evident in the way you feel when you speak to staff on the phone and the way you are treated when you visit the office. When it comes to your dental care, from basic cleanings to advanced procedures, your comfort and safety should be the top priority. Look for a dentist that gives you the opportunity to ask questions and who listens to your concerns and makes sure you understand everything you need to know about your care.

3. Consider Insurance

Some dentists are in-network with certain insurance providers, which means the cost of care may be less. However, a lot of dental practices will accept most insurance plans, so you may be free to choose any dentist you like. Choosing a dentist who is in-network with your insurance provider may end up costing you less out of pocket but don’t let your insurance stop you from seeing a dentist you may love. Sometimes you get what you pay for (or don’t get what you don’t pay for)!

4. Find a Convenient Location

Look for dentists that are in your area. Consider the drive you will need to make to visit the dental office. You may only have to go every 6 months for general cleanings, but if you are in need of more in-depth procedures you may have more frequent appointments. Don’t just go by mileage, look at the actual directions from either your home or your workplace to the dental office, taking into consideration the best route to get there and the traffic you may encounter at various times of the day.

5. Wide Range of Services Offered

For your convenience, find a dentist who offers a variety of services so that all of your needs can be met in one location. You don’t want to have to visit a specialist for certain procedures if it can all be provided by one dentist. Some dentists even provide orthodontic care in addition to typical dental services.

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