How Your Dental Health Predicts Your Overall Health

Your dental health can serve as a strong predictor to your current overall health, as well as what future health conditions you might be at risk for. Your dentist will monitor your teeth and gums to see what to further address. Here are some of the ways that your dental health can predict your overall dental health.

Gum Disease and Heart Disease

If you have advanced gum disease, such as periodontal disease, you have an increased risk of heart disease. This is because bacteria in your gums can travel through your cardiovascular system into your heart. If you have gum disease and a family history of heart disease, your dentist will pay extra attention to your gum health to reduce your risk.

Early Signs of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease where your bones become brittle and less dense over the progression of the disease. Many people think of osteoporosis as a condition that only impacts seniors, but this isn’t the case. Without other reasons to suspect osteoporosis, some patients aren’t aware that they have it. However, your dentist might be able to see the signs of osteoporosis by seeing receding gumlines or loose teeth. This could help to prevent further loss of bone density.

Diabetes Risk

Your dental health strongly correlates your diabetes risk. If you have inflamed gums, oral infections, and poor dental health, you’re at an increased risk for diabetes. Gum inflammation interferes with how fat and sugar are metabolized, which negatively impacts insulin secretions from your pancreas. Additionally, cytokines can build up by inflamed tissue and can also enter the bloodstream and interfere with the body. Taking excellent care of your teeth and gums can be a good defense against your personal diabetes risk.

Possible Premature Birth

Pregnant women with poor dental health are at an increased risk for premature birth. This means that your unborn baby and the welfare of the mom could be at risk because of poor dental health, which could impact the duo for a lifetime. This is due to signals from the inflamed gums that make their way into the placenta. This makes the body think that it is time to expel the baby out of its mother’s body early to prevent further damage.

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