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Dr. Haag is not your average dentist.

At Creekview Dental, our goal is to help our patients keep their natural teeth for their whole lifetime. Dr. Haag helps our patients accomplish this through minimally invasive dentistry.

Minimally invasive dentistry simply means that we use modern, advanced technology and conservative treatment options, such as onlays created with our CEREC in one visit. When restoring your teeth, Dr. Haag’s goal is to preserve the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure possible. Treating teeth with minimal drilling is less traumatic to the nerve of the tooth and reduces the risk for root canal treatment in the future.

Another part of minimally invasive dentistry is finding problems and treating them while they are small. When cavities are found early they can usually be treated with the less expensive option of white tooth-colored fillings. Once tooth structure has been destroyed, it can not grow back or heal itself. Tooth structure is destroyed by decay, tooth breakage, tooth wear from grinding, erosion from acidic foods and drinks, or removing excessive tooth structure for dental restorations. All of these factors will affect how long your teeth will last.

Become a patient at Creekview Dental and we’ll help you keep your teeth for your lifetime!

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