Pros and Cons of Adult Braces

Although braces are traditionally associated with teenagers, adults may need teeth straightening for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your parents couldn’t afford braces or thought you didn’t need them. Maybe your teeth came in reasonably straight but then shifted due to trauma or wear. Perhaps your teeth are more or less straight, but you would like for them to be picture-perfect. Regardless of the reason, teeth straightening is far from uncommon among adults.

Pros and Cons of Adult BracesBraces may be the first thing you think of when considering straightening your teeth. They were, after all, the gold standard for many years, and they remain extremely popular today. While they can be a good choice, though, they are not always the best option, especially for adults. Here are some pros and cons.


Cost: Although there are several types of braces available today, traditional metal braces remain the cheapest option. They are usually covered by dental insurance if considered medically necessary, and most adults are not searching for the bright colors or other enhancements that can raise the price.

Permanency: If you, like most adults, are perpetually busy, you might enjoy a solution that doesn’t require you to remember anything special. Although braces require extra care, they don’t go in and out of your mouth. They stay on your teeth throughout your treatment process, and are adjusted as needed by the dentist.


Aesthetics: Although it is slowly starting to change, braces carry a stigma among adults. Friends might wonder what’s wrong, and you might have trouble being taken seriously at work, especially if you look young. You might also feel self-conscious, making it tough to project your best self to the world.

Time: Adult braces typically need to stay on longer than teen braces, often for up to two years. You may not want to commit to frequent dentist visits and other hassles for that long.

Dining: Many popular foods get stuck in braces, which could throw a wrench in your dinner plans.

Oral Hygiene: Adults are at increased risk for dental decay and other oral health issues, and braces make it extremely difficult to keep your teeth perfectly clean.

A Better Solution

For many adults, Invisalign is a better solution than braces. Using a series of nearly invisible clear, plastic aligners, your teeth will be gently guided into the proper position. You will change aligners at home every two weeks or as instructed by your dentist, and will need to visit the office only once every four to six weeks. Although you will need to wear each aligner 22 hours per day or as directed, they are easily removable. You can pop the aligner out to eat your favorite foods or brush and floss your teeth, and then pop it back in. And because Invisalign is almost invisible, no one needs to know that you are straightening your teeth.

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