Top Reasons We Avoid The Dentist

top reasons why we avoid the dentistVisiting the dentist is never at the top of anyone’s fun list; and we don’t take it personally. There are some top reasons people avoid going to the dentist, but no matter why you may have stayed away from our dental office in Woodbury, we’re happy to reassure you that you’re coming to the right place and that we’re here to help you.

Dental Phobia

Some people are scared of spiders, others of clowns or snakes. There are even people with an incredibly real fear of the dentist. Dentophobia, or fear of dentists, plagues an estimated 75% of the population and ranges from mild to severe. Since many with high dental anxiety completely avoid the dentist, they’re never checked for oral cancer, gum disease, or potential problems that can lead to, or aggravate, whole-body issues like heart disease, strokes, and many other dangerous complications. According to one of our previous dental blogsthe dread of an experience can be more overwhelming than any pain or discomfort actually associated with it”. So don’t let your fear keep you away so long that it jeopardizes your health. We’re here to listen to you and do everything in our power to set you at ease.

Worry About Pain

When we talk about treatment options at our Woodbury dental office, we’re often asked, “Is it going to hurt?” The short answer is that modern dentistry and advancements in technology have made it much easier to manage or eliminate pain. Of course, the more detailed answer is found in the way we treat our patients. All of our care is designed to make you comfortable and relaxed, and our technology makes your treatments easy and virtually pain free. If you are still worried that your treatment will hurt, just talk to us about it. We’ll discuss the procedure and make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin.

The Sounds

Modern dental technology allows for easier, painless dental treatments. But it can still sound scary. Whether we’re filling a cavity or preparing you for a crown, the noise of the drill and other tools can be louder than you would like. While the tools may sound like they might hurt, we can promise you that they won’t. We offer noise-dampening headphones and music to set you at ease.

There are many reasons people avoid the dentist, and we’ve only touched on a few. But even if your reason for avoiding a visit to our Woodbury dentist isn’t listed, please know that we’re here to listen and we definitely won’t judge. We often see patients that have a fear of dentists and have stayed away for 5, 10, 15 or more years. Our goal is to make you comfortable so we can work together to get and keep your smile healthy. Many of our fearful patients choose to use one of our dental sedation options. Click here to listen to Greg tell of overcoming his fear of the dentist. If he can do it, you can too! Contact us today.

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