Published On: October 26, 2020By Categories: Dental Tips

Halloween, the first of the food-based holidays, is just around the corner. While this year may not include all of the same Halloween traditions as previous years, there will probably still be too much candy. 

The extra sugar consumed brings on all sorts of negative effects from weight-gain to tooth decay. Some extra-sticky candies cling to teeth and create the perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria to have their own Halloween party. 

Looking for ways to keep your kids and yourself from getting a sugar rush? Try these tips to avoid Halloween candy. 

Keep Candy Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind really works in most cases. Halloween candy can be one of them. If you’re not constantly staring at a dish or bowl full of candy, you’ll eat a lot less. The same strategy can work with kids as well. Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to put their candy away in a drawer or cabinet. 

Avoid Buying Your Favorites

If there’s a certain candy you can’t resist, don’t buy it. Buy candy you don’t like so you won’t be as tempted. Then be sure to give it away as much as possible so you don’t have any leftovers sitting around the house. 

Chew Sugarless Gum Instead

Sometimes munching on candy is just about an oral fixation or a bit of flavor. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with sugarless gum for just a fraction of the calories of Halloween candy. And it’s better for your teeth

Stay Busy

Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to avoid eating something you don’t want to eat. Focus your energy and attention on your work or busy yourself with tidying up the house. You can even start a craft project of some kind to keep your hands busy and avoid reaching for candy. This strategy also works with kids. Keep them busy doing fun activities. Boredom leads to munching even when you’re not hungry. 

Take a Walk or Get Exercise

When you feel the urge to grab a piece of candy, try going for a walk instead. By the time you get back, the craving will most likely have passed. Combine your walk with a cold drink of water and you’ll feel full and hydrated, and less likely to reach for candy. Keep your kids active too with plenty of outdoor activities and they’ll ask for candy less. 

Curb Your Hunger with Healthy Foods

When you get hungry, either in the late afternoon or in the evening, you’re more likely to reach for the Halloween candy bowl. Mange your hunger by eating balanced meals and healthy snacks throughout the day so you don’t have a blood sugar crash that makes you crave sweets. Feed your sweet tooth, as well as your kids’, with fruit that contains natural sugar. 

Don’t Deprive Yourself

If you get a candy craving during this season when candy is everywhere, give in to it every now and then. Allow yourself one of your favorite pieces of candy every day or on the weekends. Complete deprivation of your favorite treats can make life feel pretty miserable. And it can be fun to offer your kids a little treat now and then. Just be sure everyone brushes and flosses their teeth afterwards. 

Visit Creekview Dental on a Regular Basis

Now that you have some tips to avoid Halloween candy, the next most important thing you can do for your teeth is visit your dentist regularly for cleanings. Creekview Dental provides preventive care for children and adults. Regular oral exams and teeth cleanings are important to prevent cavities and maintain proper dental health. It is recommended that you visit the dentist for preventive care every 6 months. 

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