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Toothache Tips from Your Woodbury Dentist

You can’t schedule a toothache. When it happens, it happens. And it hurts. Sometimes, toothaches occur at a convenient time, when you can just call our Woodbury dental office and we can take care of you. Other times, toothaches can happen at night or on weekends when our Woodbury dental office isn’t open. Then what… Read more »

The Truth Behind Teeth Grinding

Are you a chronic teeth grinder? Not really sure if you are or not? It’s not surprising: of the roughly 30 million people teeth grinders out there, very few realize that they grind. A common reason could be that teeth grinding or clenching is often done either while sleeping or subconsciously throughout the day. And… Read more »

Diet Pop Can Cause as Much Tooth Damage as Meth

We all know that sugary drinks like pop (soda) aren’t the best for your smile. And in an attempt to avoid the sugar and calories in regular sodas, you might turn to diet pop to quench your thirst. However, at our Woodbury dental office, we want you to understand that even these sugar-free drinks can… Read more »

See Your Woodbury Dentist Before Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can cause some unwanted side effects in your body. It can also cause some dangerous problems in your mouth. Many of the oral health side effects that occur as a result of chemotherapy can cause treatment to be delayed or even stopped. And when dealing with a serious disease like cancer, a proactive… Read more »