Christine H.

Christine’s story: A smile makeover that truly changed her life.

“A friend’s comment to me when I smiled big, I mean really big, made me feel like a million bucks!”

–Christine H.

Greg B.

Greg’s story: The wedding photos that changed his smile, and changed his life.

“I didn’t necessarily destroy my daughter’s wedding photos, but I felt they could’ve been much better photos had I been able to smile.”

–Greg B.

Ellen M.

Ellen’s Story: Now she can have her coffee and drink it too.

“I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a dentist who’s gentle, who’s kind, who really cares about his patients and the results… I would say come see Dr. Haag!”

–Ellen M.

Carmen’s Story: She can finally smile.

“If you’re looking for a place where you can receive the best care, and advanced treatment beyond basic care, this is the place to be.”