No matter how excellent your oral hygiene, the mouth is constantly filled with both good and bad bacteria. Some types of bacteria combine with proteins in the saliva to form a sticky film known as plaque that attaches to the tooth enamel.

Though tooth enamel is hard, the bacteria’s digestion creates acids that can erode the enamel. Sugary foods and drinks feed these bacteria and provide a source for the glue they use to attach.

This process of erosion can create a small hole in the tooth known as a cavity. Over time, the bacteria can invade further into the tooth, creating larger cavities and, eventually, damaging the tooth’s root structure.

Older metal fillings can worsen this problem, as they are not bonded tightly enough to keep bacteria out of the tooth. This provides an easy opening for bacteria to reach the inner structure of the tooth without tunneling through the enamel.

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