There is no single best toothbrush, only the best toothbrush for you. Electric toothbrushes have a number of advantages, including the ability to time the length of brushing for optimal cleaning and the fact that you do not need to physically manipulate the pressure level and positioning of the brush head. However, many people prefer disposable toothbrushes, which are just fine as long as you have the hand strength and dexterity to properly use the brush.

Choose a toothbrush with a head that fits comfortably in your mouth. Too large, and it will be difficult to access all of the nooks and crannies. Too small, and you might not adequately hit all surfaces of your teeth.

Soft bristles are very important, unless your dentist advises you otherwise. Medium and hard bristles can actually damage your tooth enamel, especially if you apply too much pressure. Be sure that whatever toothbrush you choose has the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval.

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