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Replacing a missing tooth is essential to maintaining oral health. Why? Because without it, teeth can begin to shift, leading to misaligned bites, crowding, decay, and more. 

Dental implants are the perfect tooth alternative. Having been around for many decades, they look and function much like a real tooth. 

Let’s take a look at what dental implants are made of that allows them to yield such incredible results. 

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are a tooth alternative made of 3 main parts – the implant itself, a dental crown, and an abutment to link the two together. 

The implant is placed in the jaw bone and left to heal and fuse together, creating an anchor for the artificial tooth. In a sense, it replaces the root of the missing tooth. Next, the abutment attaches to the implant and holds the dental crown in place. 

This crown is the only part of the dental implant that is visible. 

What Are Dental Implants Made Of? 

At Creekview Dental we use dental implants made from titanium or titanium alloy, as this is a safe metal that provides the strength needed. It is affordable and has been proven to be highly effective in fusing well with the jaw bone. 

The success rate of dental implants made of titanium is very high, allowing these implants to last a lifetime with good oral hygiene.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

The part of dental implants that appears like a real tooth is a dental crown. It matches the surrounding teeth in color, size, shape, and so forth. Once attached to the abutment, your artificial tooth will look and function well. 

Dental crowns can be made of different materials, but the most common are porcelain ceramic, composite resin, zirconia, and various metals. 

The better you care for your dental crown, the longer it will last. On average, you can expect a crown to last about 10 to 15 years before needing replacement. The good news is that with the way dental implants are created, a dental crown can easily be replaced without disrupting the overall implant. 

How to Properly Care for Your Dental Implants

Despite the material they are made out of, it is imperative that you care for your dental implants if you want to have them for as long as possible. To do this, you are going to need to:

  • Brush your teeth at least two times per day
  • Floss daily
  • Visit your dentist every 3 – 6 months (as directed) for your professional cleaning and exam

Properly caring for your dental implants will allow you to enjoy all they have to offer for as long as possible. 

Learn More About Dental Implants

If you are interested in learning about dental implants or finding out if you are a good candidate for the treatment, Creekview Dental can help. We have been successfully transforming the smiles of our patients using dental implants since 2007. 

Contact us today at (651) 738-8204 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

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