3 Reasons to Always Choose a Dental Implant When Possible

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Dental implants are becoming one of the most used and successful dental solutions available. A dental implant is a small device that a dental surgeon implants in your jaw bone. It is connected directly to the bone so that it is sturdy and permanent. Then, an abutment (connector device) and a crown  are attached on top of the implant to replace your tooth. In many cases, dental implants are a better solution to replace broken, chipped, damaged, dying, or missing teeth. Here are three reasons why you should choose a dental implant over other dental solutions.

Comfort and Functionality

Because of the way dental implants are designed, they are more comfortable than nearly all other dental solutions. This is because they are the most like a real tooth. The implant creates an artificial root that a crown can sit on, and the crown is styled and shaped like your other teeth. In essence, you are getting a realistic replacement for your tooth. Since the implant is placed in your bone, it is extremely sturdy. It won’t wiggle or place pressure on your gums when you chew. It supports the crown just like the root supports a tooth, so it functions just like a regular tooth will.

Longevity and Costs

One of the most persistent problems in cosmetic dentistry is making the solutions last for a long time. Many dental solutions look great, but may not last as long as you would like. Since the implant is rooted in your bone and made out of Titanium, it has excellent longevity. Dental implants are among the longest-lasting dental solutions with very few patients needing a replacement. Titanium is chemically stable and resistant to rust, so it won’t decay over time. If placed correctly, it won’t need to be replaced unless some type of trauma damages it or knocks it loose, or if poor oral hygiene and gum disease causes bone loss around the implant. 

Because the implant lasts so long, it is also more affordable than most dental solutions. Over time, the crown and abutment may be replaced since the crown can wear down like a normal tooth will. However, the implant is not exposed and will not decay. You will likely never need to have it replaced, so, you will only pay for the implant once. Other tooth replacement options, like bridges using existing teeth and partial dentures, are often replaced at least once, and you have to pay for it each time.

Dental Implant Format Options

Dental implants come in several formats. You can have a single tooth replaced with a dental implant. In this case, the abutment and crown are held by a single implant. However, you can also have a dental bridge installed instead of a single crown. This will take two implants, one on each end of the bridge. It will let you replace several teeth at the same time. 

If you need a more extensive replacement, like in the case of a full mouth reconstruction or you need dentures, there is a new option called All-on-Four. In this case, an upper or lower denture is created to replace all of the teeth in an arch. It is then attached to 4 implants placed in the arch. You can essentially replace all of your teeth using only four implants. Dr Haag can help you develop other treatment options based on your needs as well.

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