Financing Dental Work: Understanding Your Options

Regular dental work is vital to not only oral health, but overall physical health. Without dental care, you may risk tooth loss, painful abscesses, and even systemic infections. Yet significant dental treatment can be pricey, and dental insurance is not anywhere near as comprehensive as today’s health insurance. Fortunately, you have several options for financing the dental work you need.

Financing Dental Work: Understanding Your Options

Understanding Costs

Before starting treatment, your dentist will create an itemized treatment plan. Some offices will automatically provide a complete cost breakdown, while others will provide one upon request. The first step to financing your dental work is to know all the costs, so be sure you are clear on this issue before you begin.

Understanding Timing

It is always best to treat any dental issue as soon as it arises, but some problems are more critical than others. For example, if a tooth is already missing, delaying a replacement is not typically a high-risk choice. However, if you have an abscess, it could worsen very quickly. Ask your dentist to create a priority list of your dental issues, along with the time frames in which you need to have each issue addressed.

If you need a treatment with several stages, such as dental implants, your dentist can often break up the work to maximize your insurance payments. For example, you might have extractions at the end of your insurance year, and then have the implants placed at the beginning of the next insurance year.

Credit Cards

If you are disciplined at managing credit responsibly, a credit card may be the best option for financing dental costs that are not covered by insurance. A zero-interest or low-interest introductory rate on a new credit card can be an excellent choice provided you have the discipline and funds to pay off the balance before the introductory period expires. You can even boost your credit score by keeping the card open, with little or no balance, after you pay off your dental work.

Financing Plans

Many dentists accept Care Credit or similar financing programs. If your credit is not good enough for a low-interest credit card, or you need a significant amount of work done, these programs can be highly valuable. The interest rates are high, but zero-interest financing for six months or a year is a common promotion. It is far easier to qualify for these programs than for a credit card, so it is worth applying even if your credit score is marginal.


Dentists and their staff are committed to oral health. If you need work but are unsure how to pay for it, be sure to speak up. In most cases, the dentist and the office manager will work together to find a way to provide the work you need without busting your budget.

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