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Tooth–colored fillings, also known as composites, are silver-free, mercury-free and BPA-free fillings placed to restore your tooth’s natural appearance.

Composite fillings are perfect for fixing small to medium sized cavities, chips and broken teeth. They are more durable, less invasive, and less temperature sensitive than standard silver fillings.

  • Since they bond to the tooth, composite fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth. Due to the fact that silver fillings expand and contract, they weaken teeth, making them more susceptible to breaking. Since broken teeth are very expensive to restore, composites can save expense over your lifetime.
  • Composite fillings restore the natural appearance of the tooth.
  • Teeth restored with tooth-colored fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold than teeth restored with silver fillings, if correct techniques are used.
  • Composites are BPA and mercury-free. BPA and mercury are viewed by some as being toxic.
  • Composites require less removal of tooth structure. Especially with new cavities, the size of the filling can be dramatically smaller with composites.