3D Imaging

We are excited to offer this break-through technology to our patients!

3D Imaging gives Dr. Haag great precision when performing a root canal or placing a dental implant and will even allow him to see pathology that could never be detected by a visual exam or even a standard dental X-ray.

Dr. Haag may recommend 3D imaging when a patient is considering dental implants or oral surgery. The more information Dr. Haag has about the anatomy of the patient’s mouth before a dental implant, or any type of surgery, the better the outcome. It is important for Dr. Haag to know the precise width, length, and density of the bony ridge and exact location of nerves in order to assess dental implant feasibility and properly plan for dental implant placement.

Our Sirona XG 3D imaging machine seamlessly integrates with our Sirona CEREC CAD/CAM system to allow Dr. Haag to plan dental implant placement and create perfect dental implant crowns.